Sylvie Lake is a Los Angeles born and bred artist whose work permeates with themes of American-flavored dissidence and has a residue of the performer as an aesthetic object. Moving from an integrative media installation based practice, her recent work has expanded to a more curatorial route which has taken form in either a live TV show at the Hammer Museum, experiential events at historic monuments, or an art book catalogue. At times marginalized as an unmanageable muse, her performative efforts have led her to either create installation or perform at Night Gallery, Human Resources, the Hammer Museum, MOCA store (twice in collaboration with KCHUNG artists' radio), Katzen Kultur Klub, the ConversationXYZ (Berlin) or at varied off-site spaces and monuments such as the Lummis House and Historical Monument #157 in Los Angeles. Her visual work has been exhibited at the PICA (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art), the Bunny Museum in Pasadena, Human Resources, and Mississippi Records in Portland, OR among other places. Her work has been featured in print in WOPOZINE (Minneapolis, MN), Yeti Magazine (Detroit, MI) The Culture Trip, and through ESP. Current projects include a collaboration with photographer Kathryn Miller on a series of art books which innovatively catalogue public art. (Please see LAPUBLICSCULPTURETOUR) Her recently published book is stocked in a number of high-end art book stores in Los Angeles including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Hauser Wirth & Schimmel ARTBOOK, Hennesy & Ingalls among others and is also available at BILDBAND in Berlin, Germany. 

The last few years her practice left the studio after she curated a 20-woman international artist show at the site formerly home to the Historical Society of Los Angeles. Moving residence to Germany, she worked assisting esteemed German author Norman Ohler on two books: Blitzed, an account of drug use in the Third Reich, and Die Gleichung Des Lebens, a Prussian period novel. Returning to America, Lake revisited her roots as she traveled extensively with country and rock & roll bands creating and designing merch, booking shows and acting as a band manager.

Back in Los Angeles, Lake is currently working on two more regional books with photographer Kathryn Miller: Lake revisits her own heritage with a focus on Mexican revolutionary statues in conversation with the Chicano culture she grew up in, and as a team Lake and Miller continue with their alternative form of documenting public sculpture and architecture in Los Angeles.  



Still from Berlin based artist  Dafna Maimon's Vegan Venetian Single Channel HD Video, 16'36, 2011

Still from Berlin based artist Dafna Maimon's Vegan Venetian Single Channel HD Video, 16'36, 2011